Sun. May 28th, 2023
3 Outrageous Furniture Rental Tips You Can't Overlook


Furniture rental companies offer a convenient way to furnish a home without the upfront costs. Many of these companies offer long-term leases and short-term sub-lease options. They also offer the option of applying monthly rental payments toward purchasing items at the end of the lease term. Some companies include delivery and setup with every furniture lease. Here are some important tips you must pay attention to if you are into renting furniture.

The minimum monthly payment for furniture rental

If you’re looking to rent furniture but need more cash to buy it, a furniture rental company in Dubai can provide you with a solution. Furniture rental services offer different plans and can vary in pricing. Some companies include delivery in their monthly fee, while others do not. Contact the rental company you’re considering to find out their delivery options.

This will save you money

Many furniture rental companies have flexible payment plans, which can be as short as one month or as long as a year. Some companies will allow you to extend the payment term and provide a discount if you stay with the company longer. You can also ask for a payment plan based on the number of rooms you plan on furnishing.

Other rules to keep in mind

There are many rules for renting furniture, which should protect you and the tenant. In a rental agreement, list all the furniture in the unit and its condition. This way, you can hold the tenant accountable for excessive wear and tear and damage to the furniture. You can also include a damage reporting policy.

Minimum lease length for furniture rental

When renting furniture, a minimum lease period will vary between different companies. Some companies charge a set minimum for an entire set, while others require only a monthly fee. For instance, a famous company requires a minimum monthly payment of DH 200 for a single table or loveseat. And some companies charge a monthly fee for the delivery and setup of the furniture.

The minimum lease period varies from company to company, but in many cases, the term is three months or more. Some companies will offer discounts for longer lease terms. Ensure you are aware of any minimum lease periods before signing a lease. Also, be sure to ask your potential furniture rental company if they charge additional fees for upgrades.

By Douglas