Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
Is Epoxy Good Option For Floors?


Epoxy flooring in UAE is a great option if you want a durable floor that can withstand wear and tear. They can withstand a lot of things, including moisture, heat, and most chemical spills. In addition, they are also resistant to germs and can be cleaned easily. If you’re considering installing epoxy floors, you should know a few important things.

Low maintenance:

If you want low-maintenance epoxy floors, you need to make sure that you are doing a thorough cleaning of your floors. It would help if you scrubbed your floors weekly, but some flooring types may need more frequent cleaning. You should avoid using hard bristle brushes, which can damage your epoxy floors. Although epoxy floors can withstand a lot of wear and tear, they still are susceptible to scratches and gouges. It would help to inspect your floors periodically to check for large stains, cuts, and scratches.


When considering the cost of installing a new epoxy floor, be aware of the different options available. For example, solvent-based epoxy is easier to install but produces strong fumes. On the other hand, water-based epoxy is less dense and rolls on easier. However, it does not last as long and may require replacement sooner. It also requires patience, as you can only install an epoxy floor after some time.

Before installing a new epoxy floor, it is crucial to have the concrete slab thoroughly cleaned. Excess moisture in the concrete will degrade the coating’s life. Most contractors will include this cost as part of their overall price quote. The most popular types of epoxy coatings are urethane and epoxy, while methyl methacrylate (MMA) is the least popular.

Health risks:

Despite its popularity, epoxy flooring carries several health risks. Some of these are serious and can affect the health of workers. For instance, epoxy can cause allergies in people sensitive to chemical fumes and cause congenital disabilities. The CPWR recommends that companies cover chemical containers when not in use, wipe up spills and residues with a cotton rag, and keep tools and materials clean. Another important tip is to provide workers with a separate, clean area where they can change or eat.


The customization options for epoxy flooring are almost limitless. From a standard, neutral color to marble-like effects, you can create the perfect floor for your home or business. You can even incorporate your brand logo and other design elements to create an even more unique design. Plus, epoxy flooring is easy to clean and maintain.

By Douglas